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  Our mission is to partner with our clients to lead them in their implementation of successful performance solutions for their people, processes and the organization.

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Dwight Davis is the principal Certified Performance Consultant with over 25 years corporate experience with successful performance improvements, strategic workforce planning, talent management and training facilitation workshops at MCI, Andrew SciComm, Circuit City, USA Financial Group Inc.,  and Raytheon.  He has served as consultant, business partner, and  leadership background in organizational development and effectiveness, including:  mergers and acquisitions, organization cultural change, and succession planning with Raytheon, McAfee, Global Knowledge, and Siemens- Dematic for both U.S. and Global operations.

Dwight has earned his certification with the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) in conjunction with the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) as a Certified Performance Technologist * (CPT).  This certification was awarded to Dwight for systematic implementation of the ten (10) Standards of Performance Technology with successful performance improvement continuously measured, along with positive ROI.

* Note:  A complete description of the Standards of Performance Technology is available at http://www.certifiedpt.org/.

  1. Focus on results and help clients focus on results.
  2. Look at situations systemically taking into consideration the larger context including competing pressures, resource constraints, and anticipated change.
  3. Add value in how you do the work and through the work itself.
  4. Utilize partnerships or collaborate with clients and other experts as required.
  5. Systematic assessment of the need or opportunity.
  6. Systematic analysis of the work and workplace to identify the cause or factors that limit performance.
  7. Systematic design of the solution or specification of the requirements of the solution.
  8. Systematic development of all or some of the solution and its elements.
  9. Systematic implementation of the solution.
  10. Systematic evaluation of the process and the results.


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