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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching involves assessment of the environment, personal relations, and leadership personality traits of the individual.
One-on-one development plans are implemented and measured.

Executive leaders and managers get paid for managing, for directing others, for responsibility, and for bottom-line results.  There are effective strategies and tactics to employ beyond mere psychology. Understanding your environment, your own behavior, and the behavior of your performing team members.  Positive behavior can be learned that can produce the positive and desired consequences to make your organization operate with improved performance.

Proper communication, correct feedback, and understanding human behavior will help leaders and managers meet their expectations and improve performance to better achieve those desired results.

Leadership Coaching Process

  • Build relationship - understand personal situation

  • Clarify expectations - develop outcome and structure

  • Gather data - from a variety of sources with feedback

  • Determine specific goals - design SMART action plans

  • Coach, support, advise - implement coaching plan and monitor progress throughout process                                        

Leadership coaching will be engaged in the context of personal effectiveness, job performance, and organizational change. There are monthly or bi-monthly individual sessions or also coupled with group sessions to bring in greater perspectives and ideas for consideration.


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