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  Our mission is to partner with our clients to lead them in their implementation of successful performance solutions for their people, processes and the organization.

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Dwight Davis is the principal Certified Performance Consultant with over 25 years corporate experience with successful improvements.

Leadership Coaching involves assessment of the environment, personal relations, and leadership personality traits of the individual.
One-on-one development plans are implemented and measured.

Organizational Effectiveness involves detail analysis of the environment and the organization.  Processes and personal performance with their interrelationships are also considered.

Process Improvements interventions are recommended to be implemented when the actual processes require streamlining for clearer handoffs and completions with no compromise on quality.

Performance Analysis is performed in an organized and detailed manner to ensure our recommendations will meet your requirements and provide  the best intervention solutions for your organization.
We use a basic Human Performance Technology Performance model

Development Training workshops are facilitated to upgrade the soft and technical skills of the performing staff and management for the
maximum ROI with individual and team performance improvements.

Workforce Strategy and Planning is a framework to link between corporate and strategic objectives for progressing the business with finance, and workforce supply, demand, gap, solution analysis.

Talent Management is a strategy framework with programs to attract, recruit, and onboard candidates, and provide leadership/career development and alignment in sync with business objectives.

Succession Planning is a complete end-to-end established talent management program for increased talent and leadership continuity, clear direction paths, with employee development and satisfaction.

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