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Development Training

Development Training workshops are facilitated to upgrade the team and technical skills of the performing staff and management for the
maximum ROI with individual and team performance improvements.

Team Skills, Technical, Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer Service, Project Management, Financial Planning, Six Sigma, Succession Planning, Telecom, and Safety training have been developed to meet specific customer custom requirements with interventions to produce the maximum benefit of performance improvement.  We provide full organization development and effectiveness solutions.

Key Team Skills Development Training courses are already prepared for delivery and have been presented to 100s over the last five (5) years with successful personal and team performance improvement.
See the list of twenty-four (24) training courses with links for details.

These are half-day or two (2) half-day courses.  In corporate environ- ments, It has been our experience  that the maximum benefit of these course are achieved by facilitating workshops for these in half-days in the morning.  This gets people at their peak learning, perhaps after a little coffee.  This gives the afternoon to do their regular corporate work so it doesn't get behind, and also provides a little more in between time to absorb the training.  This has been our proven most successful corporate approach with training for maximum benefit.

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